phase 2 archive

Please note that the information in this archive is no longer relevant. Kirkintilloch's Initiative is working to a revised masterplan which contains 13 individual projects. Please click for up to date information.

1 New housing at Woodilee

The former hospital site at Woodilee would be used for around 800 new houses, walkways, cycleways, and a country park.

2 New supermarket

Proposed location of the new supermarket.

Following the opposition to the initial plan, the location of the proposed supermarket has been changed. It now takes up a smaller part of Woodhead park and makes use of land which is, on the whole, of poor recreational or environmental quality. All but a small part of the ornamental garden would now be retained and improved through landscaping.

3 Link road

The full extent of the proposed new road, which connects central Kirkintilloch to the motorway system, is shown on the Acrobat Reader map.

4 New leisure development at Southbank

The focus of the canalside development, including a new canal basin, would be on leisure and business. Public concern about access is addressed through a proposed new link from Lenzie Road.

5 New leisure centre

Proposed new leisure centre at Woodhead park

A larger centre is now proposed, including a 25-metre swimming pool, a children's pool, two sports halls, sauna and jacuzzi, meeting rooms, a creche, and a cafe. The earlier proposed location is changed to the favoured Woodhead park site.

6 Health and social care centre

Proposed new health and social care centre on the Town Hall site. (Indicative layout and location.)

In the new plans, the centre - which would include medical surgeries and the social, housing, and benefits services - is moved to a new building on the site of the Town Hall.

7 Civic theatre and community space

Proposed new civic theatre at Barleybank. (Indicative layout and location.)

The support for the extended community use of the Town Hall is accommodated with the proposal for a new civic theatre at Barleybank. This would include: an auditorium which could seat 200 but could also be used for functions, dinners, and so on; a cafe, bar, and kitchen; a changing area; and office space.

8 Environmental improvements

As with the earlier proposals, the phase two plans include a network of walkways and cycleways and the creation of a country park at Woodilee. In all, there would be a gain of some 90 acres of open land.

9 Town centre access and parking

The proposals to improve parking in the town were supported. However, the opposition to multi-storey car parking sees the phase two plans focus on upgrading the car parks at Rochdale Place and the High Street (which we propose will remain free of charge).

10 Former Post Office

The plans have moved on to develop this site as a local, canal-related museum and visitor attraction.

11 Mixed development

At McGavigan's Field, the proposals include an expansion of Woodilee industrial estate and the development of further commercial opportunities.

12 Residential development at Waverley Park and Luggiebank Road

Residential development, including some supported housing, is proposed for these two sites.

There will also be project teams set up to take forward two initiatives: supported housing and training and access to jobs.